Junior Associate PtX

Reporting to Senior Manager PtX
Position Purpose
To support the PtX team in greenfield project origination and development through to financial close of green hydrogen and ammonia projects.

Business Origination

Support the business development team to facilitate the initial evaluation of the opportunities:

  • Conduct site screening exercises using satellite sources (wind and solar resource, topographical conditions, etc.) as well as site visits.
  • Preliminary technical and financial assessments, using in-house Excel tools which should be further developed and improved with time.
  • Develop business case, identifying the key risks and opportunities of the project.
  • Preparing initial presentations and proposals of the opportunity.

Project Development

Being the bulk of the responsibilities, this scope includes the development activities until Financing Close:

  • Support the selection process of third-party advisors (drafting Request for Proposals, tender process management, etc.) as well as support on the management of the advisors’ work (progress schedule, etc.)
  • Develop the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of green hydrogen projects, which includes the development of a technical solution, the optimisation of the project sources (wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, etc.), the technology selection (hydrogen electrolyzer, etc.) and the financial optimisation and modelling.
  • Assist in the negotiations with government public entities (framework/concession agreements, usufruct agreement, grid connection agreements, etc.) and with private entities (hydrogen/ammonia offtake agreement, joint development agreement, etc.).
  • Support the coordination with the relevant departments of AMEA Power (technical, legal, etc) in the EPC tender process (Request for Proposals, tender process management, proposal evaluation, etc.)
  • Support the financing process together with the project finance team by drafting Information Memorandums and supporting the technical and commercial Q&A process with the lenders.
Person Specification

Key Traits

The employee must display:

  • Creativity to develop abstract models from scratch.
  • Accountability towards the overall results and performance of the department and toward specific tasks.
  • Initiative, drive and pro-activeness towards each task.
  • Clear communication and organisation to promote efficient dynamics within the department.
  • Collaborative nature and approach.
  • Good time management respecting deadlines and the time of others.
  • Result driven.
  • Pro-activity and creativity to identify areas of improvement and different solutions to problems.
  • Analytical mindset to understand complex models with multiple interactions of inputs and variables.
  • Willing to travel to countries in Africa.
Qualifications & Experience

The employee must have the following qualifications & experience:

  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, ideally electrical.
  • Program programming languagesming courses ideally on Visual Basic, or alternatively on related
  • Well versed on Financial Models and ability to improve/optimize dynamic models using MS Excel
Required Skills

The employee must have the following skills:

  • Strong Microsoft Excel proficiency (interview process will include an Excel examination).
  • Understanding of Financial Models, and the ability to improve and optimise dynamic models using Microsoft Excel.
  • Ability to manage multiple scopes running in parallel, and organise company resources to achieve the desired result whilst respecting timelines and working with team members to accommodate their timelines without hindering the progress of the department.
  • Strong planning and organisational skills contributing to the efficient delivery of tasks as well as maintaining record for other employee’s and colleagues down the line to access all correct information of the project.
  • Good public speaking skills as the role will entail client facing activities of top government officials.
  • French, or Portuguese speaking is a plus.


Submit CV to: talent@ameapower.com