Abour, Jordan

AMEA Power is a co-owner with Xenel in this greenfield 51.75MW Wind BOO Project in Tafila, Jordan awarded in the 1st Round Jordan FIT program.

Name of the Project Abour, Jordan
Capacity 51.75MW
Abour, Jordan2022-10-26T08:27:04+00:00

Al Husainiyah, Jordan

AMEA Power is the lead developer and majority shareholder in a greenfield 50MW Solar PV on a BOO basis in Ma’an, won under the Jordan 2nd Round FIT.

Name of the Project Al […]
Al Husainiyah, Jordan2022-10-26T08:59:13+00:00

Blitta, Togo

Fully developed by AMEA Power from inception to operation in less than 24 months, even during Covid. This 50MWp Solar PV IPP is the first utility-scale renewable project in Togo. AMEA Technical Services, a subsidiary of […]

Blitta, Togo2023-02-14T11:47:05+00:00