Fully developed by AMEA Power from inception to operation in less than 24 months, even during Covid. This 50MWp Solar PV IPP is the first utility-scale renewable project in Togo. AMEA Technical Services, a subsidiary of AMEA Power, acted as the EPC contractor and currently involved in the O&M.

Name of the Project Blitta, Togo
Capacity 50MWp
Technology Solar PV
COD June 2021
Location 280 km north of the capital, central Togo
Offtaker CEET

Name of the Project: Blitta, Togo
Capacity: 50MWp
Technology: Solar PV
COD: June 2021
Location: 280 km north of the capital, central Togo
Offtaker:  CEET

0t CO₂
avoided over project life
Togolese Households powered per year
Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
Local Community Grievance Mechanism